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The Theo Emery Foundation has been created to provide help, support and guidance to parents and families who have lost a baby or child.

We lost our son Theo at 4 days old.

He had a traumatic birth due to shoulder dystocia, which led to him having such severe health problems that he died in the neo-natal ward at Treliske hospital, Cornwall. Being in our early twenties, Theo was our first child, eagerly awaited by the whole family. We'd had a good pregnancy despite the fact that I'm type 1 diabetic and it was a high risk pregnancy. I was induced, but again I didn't see there to be a problem, I just wanted to hold our son.

It wasn't until he'd passed away that the grief enveloped us, whilst he was still with us we were strong for him.

It's from that point that you need help, support and guidance and we found none, so here i come to the point of The Theo Emery Foundation.

Without our family we would have had nothing, so now we're going to try and help you.



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